Eating out with kids

What you should be getting off the menu

by staff

Eating out with children may appear like a task on it owns or the terror of finding something for them to eat without creating a food fight in your favourite local may feel all too overwhelming. But why should it be any different from eating a meal at home, apart from having someone prepare it for you but it’s no different for the kids, right?

When choosing a place to eat make sure it is a cuisine you have introduced to them at home or at least before getting there and they refuse to eat. Any café or restaurant should and would offer meals appropriate for children, it all comes down to what you may have or haven’t familiarised them to yet.

When eating out with kids and choosing what to eat it should just be about maintaining a healthy attitude, avoid the process food and go for an actual piece of chicken and vegetables or pasta. Possibly avoiding heavy sauces, sweets, raw food and bread as they may fill up on that before getting any other nutrients. You’re still able to keep it pretty simple with avoiding potato chips and no need for anything too fancy, they don’t need to be impressed by the new funky café. Allow them to enjoy the experience.

A few helpful tips you can do before and while there:

  • Check the menu online before going if you’re worried about options or even if your child has any serious allergies you can always call to confirm they can provide a meal
  • Don’t stick to the kids only section of the menu, avoid it if possible
  • Order them the same as you or share with them to encourage eating different food and not the standard nuggets and chip option.
  • Going places that are a bit different to encourage trying new things
  • Having them try 1 new thing each time
  • Letting them choose their own food
  • Try to always have some vegetables in the middle or a salad to help encourage the green stuff and fill up before dessert is even mentioned.
  • Choose an entrée size or option

When you do the choosing of the food you can either choose the same thing you are having to help encourage or show you have the same food and they are no different. Always choose options that provide some form of protein and vegetables, always promoting the healthy balance on the plate.

Going out to eat with kids is exciting for them, they’ll be buzzed and distracted but that’s the fun of it. Don’t over think when choosing a meal for them, keep it simple and healthy and they’ll love it all regardless.