Top Health App Recommendations

Top Health App Recommendations

by staff

These days there are hundreds of different health and fitness app’s available and most of them are available not only on our phones but pretty much on any device that has a screen. The trouble is finding the right app that suits your health goals but also what app suits you and your needs.

Below is a list of a few of the top-rated health app’s available. Most are free and offer some good guidance however majority of apps you may need to pay for a monthly or year subscription, this will unlock and give you additional support and an app that is more specified to you and your body’s needs.

Top Rated:



1.   Calm

1.   The Wonder Weeks

2.   Fitbit

2.   AutoSleeper Tracker

3.   30 Day Fitness Challenge

3.   Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer

4.   Headspace

4.  Heart Watch. Heart & Activity

5.   My Fitness Pal

5.  Couch to 5K – Run Training



  • MyFitness Pal
  • Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness
  • My Trainer Dasi
  • Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker
  • BioForce HRV

There is a range of exercise app’s available, some by social media famous trainers who provide you with day to day, step by step exercise routines. Otherwise you can find an exercise app that suits the style of fitness you enjoy doing, whether it be running, weights, yoga or most popular at home workouts. The benefit here is that you can use these exercise apps at any time anywhere!


  • Lifesum Food & Diet Tracker
  • Fooducate
  • Lose it!
  • Noom

When looking for a food tracker or diet related app the key points to look out for are making sure the information provided has been viewed or created by a credible source or that health professionals have been involved in creating the programing and information provided.

Mind and Body:

  • Headspace Guided Meditation
  • SleepCycle
  • Water Minder
  • Elevate Brain Training
  • Yoga daily Fitness
  • Happify
  • HealthTap

When it comes to apps for your mind and body, it is more about finding an app that suits the needs and inner peace you are looking for. These apps are created to either encourage mind health, emotional wellbeing or being able to focus on relaxation and time out! Getting a better sleep cycle or learning to mediate are just some of the resources available.

Health Direct App:

This app is one that should be on all phones and is created by the Australian Government. It provides quick information for checking symptoms, where to find the closest and quickest health service provider, information on medication and provides reliable health advice and when you should see a health professional. This app can be extremely beneficial in times of emergency.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there is something out there for you. Health apps are continuously changing and growing and not slowing down anytime soon. Remembering to check the information first, who the sources are before committing to any subscriptions and always read the reviews for an honest opinion. You are bound to find an app that has your needs, you just may need to take some time and a little research to find the best suiter.