Lysine Step Up for Youth Chewable Tablet Variations


Recently we have received a few customer enquiries regarding our Bio Island Lysine Step Up for Youth, and the color variations sometimes seen in our chewable tablets. We appreciate this feedback and would like to share the processes that are involved to produce this product, and the adjustments we are making.

When producing our chewable tablets, we use only natural blackcurrant flavour, we use no artificial colours or flavours across all our production lines. Using natural blackcurrants means that we do see normal variations due to seasonal, environmental and temperature factors. Due to these natural occurrences there may be from time to time slight differences in appearances only and not in any of our active ingredients. This colour variance does not influence the nutritional contents of the product and all Bio Island products are continually tested, monitored, regulated and held to our high standards.

This is for all our production lines, and we are increasing this dramatically to cater to customer’s needs. This also means we source our natural blackcurrant flavour from multiple suppliers in order to meet demand, and we use multiple batches of blackcurrants for the product which is then used across multiple production lines. This all comes together when we bottle and package the final product, and is the reason that from time to time there may be differences in colour from the same batch or bottle. This process also means that you will be receiving the same benefits each time, and we ensure this through our quality management standards.

From the enquiries we received we have found that there is a preference for more consistent colour for our Bio Island Lysine Step Up for Youth chewable tablets. Although using natural ingredients has some slight variations from time to time, we will continue to adjust the colour consistency in order to meet our customer’s satisfaction, to do this will work with our blackcurrant suppliers for larger volumes to ensure this ingredient has one source of natural blackcurrant flavour for each batch production.