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Bio Island & CHISM Exercise Tips

We sit down with Exercise Physiologist, Andrew Fyffe for a video series focused on good exercise habits you can down at home.

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Heat related illness and the impact on sports and exercise

Dr Carolyn Broderick explains the impact of heat related illness and ways we can safely participate in physical activity in summer

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The in’s and out's of fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are a great tool for anyone trying to get into an exercise routine and wants results from their new routine.

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What you should be doing post workout

Evidence suggests that a post workout routine will decrease muscle protein breakdown, and assist in recovery in multiple ways.

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Kicking Goals: Breakthrough ACL Injury Treatments for Young People

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW) are playing an active role in ACL injury prevention and recovery without surgery.

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Swimming strokes and their benefits

The different type of swim strokes can help target different muscles and skillsets in the pool. Here is an in depth look at each.

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Foam roller exercises

Using a foam roller regularly has fantastic benefits on the body as it applies pressure to the muscles.

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Daily exercises to keep you flexible

Being and staying flexible aids in support for your joints, greater range of motion, improved balance and stability.

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Exercise for those returning to sport or at a beginner level

Depending on what you want to achieve from starting a new exercise routine is a big factor in how you go about choosing.

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Benefits of water workouts

Water workouts are a great way to boost your cardio and strengthen your major muscles groups, whilst being a splash of fun.

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Adding weights to your workout

There is actually a long list of why we should include strength training in our exercise routine.

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How long does it take to lose your fitness and how does it impact your body?

Here’s an insight to how your body reacts to a break from exercising, your body will respond and start to change to new routines.

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Benefits of swimming

Swimming engages almost all muscle groups within the body including abdominals, arms, backs, legs and shoulders.

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Sports nutrition for kids and teens

A young athlete needs to understand what, when and how to eat and drink during and after performance.

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