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Interesting ways you may not have known your gut and brain are linked

Our gastrointestinal tract is extremely sensitive to emotions and other reactions in our bodies.

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Inside the intestines

The intestines are the 4th step in the digestive process and possibly one of the most important to sustaining healthy wellbeing.

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The special K, vitamin K2

Vitamin K’s main function is to activate key proteins within our body that serve important roles for all life stages.

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Dental health: calcium and our teeth

Unlike our bones, our teeth unfortunately do not have the same regenerative powers to heal themselves if they break.

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Exercises to help keep your mind healthy

Diet of course plays a significant role in a healthy brain, but what about keeping your brain physically fit?

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Your brain and amino acids

Proteins are made from amino acids, which are needed in the brain to build neurons, connective tissue and neurotransmitters.

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Ways to help your heart every day

When looking after your heart there are everyday ways to help which are practical and simple to include in your lifestyle.

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Understanding blood pressure and heart health

High blood pressure is a main risk factor for developing heart disease, but what is blood pressure? Why is it so important?

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What is cholesterol and what are ways to help keep it in balance?

Many people believe that cholesterol is a bad thing, but our bodies need cholesterol (in healthy moderation).

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Nutrients for heart health

Take a look at nutrients found in foods that are important to consume when considering heart health.

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Figuring out flavonoids

Flavonoids are a distinct group of phytonutrients, they are responsible for the colours we see in fruit and vegetables.

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Looking after your joints

As when we start to age the wear and tear over the years can take its toll on our joints.

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Keeping your liver healthy

Everything we eat, breathe and absorb is detoxified and broken down by the liver.

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Keeping up with the kidneys

Not only does the kidneys have a role in the removal of waste, they also play a crucial role in many other functions.

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How hormones impact your health

Our hormones tell our bodies what to do, when to do it and for how long.

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