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Bone health and adolescence

Article written by Dr Damien McKay, Staff Specialist - Sport and Exercise Medicine, Children’s Hospital at Westmead

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Sleep, Physical Activity and Screen Time for Kids

Article written by Maree Cassimatis, Accredited Exercise Physiologist and PhD Candidate, at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

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10 kid friendly activities about health and wellness

Getting children involved in healthy activities from a young age will help install a healthy mindset.

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Our guts, the immunity superhero

Wanting to teach your kids about their immune system? Introduce them to their own superhero, their guts!

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Looking after your child's immune health

While getting sick is at times unavoidable there are ways to help support your child’s immune system and severity of symptoms.

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Why fibre matters for kids and how to get more in their diet.

Dietary fibre is very filling and will help keep your child’s growing body felling full for longer.

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Things that impact your child's gut health and how to help boost it.

Up until five years of age, a child’s microbiome is still changing meaning it is the perfect time to build a healthy gut.

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Learning activities for infants

Every new experience creates new connections in the brain.

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The stages of brain development from infants to teens

The first five years of a child’s life are the most important when it comes to brain development.

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How healthy are Australian kids?

In recent years, Australia unfortunately has made its way onto the list of unhealthy nations in association with obesity.

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Promoting good sleep habits for kids

Good quality sleep allows your child’s body the ability to repair and rejuvenate

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Transitioning kids away from junk food

The first thing to do is try and understand why your children are so attracted to these foods in the first place.

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Children and understanding nutrition

30% of the consumed calories by Australian children everyday come from junk food, lollies or fast food.

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Food Nutrition

Building healthy habits in kids

It is at this age that children are the most susceptible to poor eating behaviours and take on parental diet composition.

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Know your A, B, C's about DHA

DHA is an amazing nutrient needed in the body to help perform certain important functions.

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