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Beauty & bacteria

How your makeup and styling accessories impact your wellbeing.

By Bio Island Nutrition Team

Majority of people use makeup, skincare or styling accessories every single day. It could be for work, going out for an event or just in general to pamper and feel good about yourself. But have you ever stopped to wonder what other friendlies you may be putting on your face or skin? Have you ever speculated how often you should be washing your make up brushes and cleaning the bag or tray they live in.

Ultimately every time you touch your make up or styling tools you are transferring dirt and little organisms on your skin into your product and tools. This goes for everything we touch and use though, so why would it be any different for our beauty tools and products. Do you stop and think if you have washed your hands before touching your brushes or even your face, what you may have already transferred?

Its safe to say that majority of the microorganisms that end up on our make up tools and styling accessories are harmless and generally already found on our skin. Everyone has a one of a kind bacterial flora or in other words their own germ fingerprint on their skin and in their bodies. The thing to know is there are millions of types of bacteria both good and bad and it’s the bad ones we don’t want to know or experience.

If you don’t wash your makeup brushes or styling tools every so often or at all your allowing the bacteria and microorganisms to grow and potentially cause you health problems or skin irritations. Even when you are sick, share your makeup, or pop a pimple you are then just spreading the bacteria to your mouth, eyes and any broken skin.

Therefore, giving the germs the perfect opportunity to grow. Keeping your makeup brushes clean and styling accessories clean isn’t a hard thing to do. By simply washing or using liquid soap to keep your tools germ free will help keep you free from any potential eye infections.

Washing your accessories once a week or so will help eliminate and keep your skin clear. You can also now find probiotic skin care products to help rebalance the good and bad bacteria on your skin.

Another thing to consider is your makeup and styling products also have expiry dates that should be adhered to. Just like food products everything has a timeframe and you will notice a difference when your products are well overdue.

If you notice your skin or hair not styling or setting the same as it has in the past. Make sure to consider if they need a wash. Save yourself from any upset or skin flare ups and keep your styling tools clean.

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