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11 instagram accounts to follow to keep you motivated on your wellness goals

Instagram is a great tool to help inspire and keep you thinking outside the box for ways to stay healthy and fit.

By Bio Island Nutrition Team

Instagram is a great tool to help inspire and keep you thinking outside the box for ways to stay healthy and fit. But there are so many accounts to follow these days. The key is to find a page that relates to your goals and if you find a connection to the person who is presenting the information.

Below is a list of a few Instagram’s that are top rated and have some really great information to keep you motivated.

  1. Thedelicious: is a beautiful colourful page full of foods that wake up your taste buds and get your food imagination running.
  2. Hannahbronfman: Hannah is a fitness lover who is all about having your best foot forward.
  3. Amandabisk:she is a former Australian pole vaulter who is passionate about yoga and embracing the environment you live in.
  4. Realandvibrant:Is an Instagram page dedicated to show casing beautiful food ideas and how to fill yourself with nutrients to better yourself.
  5. Tysontravel: Tyson’s page is all about the wanderlust, showing you the best, the world has to offer, and his page showcases the need to explore and see the world.
  6. Elsas_wholesomelife: This page is a combo of food, wellbeing and health. It shows you the beauty in food and nature combined.
  7. Is an Instagram created to give you a daily mantra to help keep you focused and think more positively.
  8. Cookrepublic: Is an Instagram about food and family. Bringing a homely feel to the page and creativeness with culture.
  9. Apartmenttherapy:Is a page dedicated to helping people fill their homes with happy, healthy and wholesome things. Inspiring everyone to make their homes a reflection of who they are.
  10. Happsters:Is an Instagram page all about providing inspirational quotes to help keep you focused, and best of all, remind you of how wonderful dogs are on Friday.
  11. Charlotttequeen: Charlotte Page is dedicated to bringing you beautiful healthy food and a guide on a day full of healthy meals that you can do as well.

These beautiful colourful pages are just a few of what’s on offer in the Instagram world. There are many styles and versions out there its just finding the pages that resonate with you and give you the boost to continue your health and wellbeing journey.

*Bio Island is not affiliated with any of the following Instagram accounts, opinions and views expressed are their own.

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