Benefits of water workouts

Water workouts are a great way to boost your cardio and strengthen your major muscles groups, whilst being a splash of fun.

By Bio Island Nutrition Team

So, you may be aware of water aerobics and the stereotype that it is only an activity for the elderly. However, water aerobics is a fantastic form of exercise as it is a great way to get your muscles, joints and other aspects of your physical health into prime condition and is also lots of fun.  

Water aerobics is usually done in shallow water, at about hip depth and involves movements like knee lifts, running in the water, jumping jacks and lunges. Water offers heavier resistance than air, so doing these simple exercises can be more challenging in water then on land. The heavier resistance can engage your muscles more fully and holistically while also increasing your strength, endurance and flexibility.

Here are 8 reasons why water workouts should be on your exercise bucket list:

  1. Increases muscle strength – The pushing motion against the water activates your muscles, especially since water flows in multiple directions, the resistance in the pool can range from 4 – 42 times greater than air, ensuring your body gets and extensive work out.
  2. Builds endurance – Water aerobics is very good for endurance as your body must push and pull against the water and gravity which requires the body to strain through the water rather than against it.
  3. Low Impact – Water supports the body by putting less stress on your joints and muscle. Hydrotherapy is the leading form of therapy for those suffering from joint problems such as arthritis, motility problems, obesity and general wear and tear.
  4. Increases flexibility – when in water our bodies move in range of different movements and position which we wouldn’t usually do outside of a pool, so it naturally increases our range of motion.
  5. Great way to cool down - Working out in water also naturally helps prevent overheating meaning we can workout for longer. Which is great, especially in an Australian summer.
  6. Great way to socialise - It is fun and usually done in a group environment, so it’s a great way to meet new people.
  7. Great for heart health - Puts less strain on the heart by pumping blood around the whole body.
  8. Benefits our overall health - And like all other work outs it burns calories, boosts your mood and improves your sleep and who wouldn’t want all that.

So, all in all water workouts are a great way to boost your cardio and strengthen your major muscles groups, whilst being a splash of fun.


This information does not take into account your personal situation and is general in nature. You should consider whether the information is appropriate for your needs and seek professional medical advice.

Always consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplements or if any concerns arise.

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