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Exercise for those returning to sport or at a beginner level.

Depending on what you want to achieve from starting a new exercise routine is a big factor in how you go about choosing the style that’s right for you.

By Bio Island Nutrition Team

Depending on what you want to achieve from starting a new exercise routine is a big factor in how you go about choosing the style that’s right for you. Fitness is an extremely big industry these days with millions of classes and gyms to choose from which may seem intimidating to begin with. But once you get started and hold onto that motivation, don’t let anything slow you down.


Before signing up to the first gym it is highly recommended that you go and visit as many gyms as possible. You can do a walk through at most gyms where someone will show you around and is there to answer any questions you may have. Look at the equipment, is there enough? Look at the number of people using the gym, what are the busiest times to avoid? Look at any additionals they may have, do they offer classes you like? And lastly the price, as the price may influence your choice but these days, they are all very similar, with various locations available but if you find yourself comfortable that is the place for you.

Classes or small group sessions:

Finding a local PT who holds outdoor sessions or small group sessions is a great way to start back into exercising. As this way they can show you a routine to follow, but also help you with any questions you may have and even show you how to correctly do some exercises. Also, classes are a great way to stay motivated and meet similar minded people who will help you stay focused. Also remembering classes can range from yoga, Pilates, boxing, boot camp and even running groups.

Where to start:

Cardio is always a good starting point. Walking or bicycle and focus on your breathing. Control your breath and focus on your posture. Once you have built up your endurance you can move onto strength training. Focus on a target muscle group each day or 3 times a week and start with low reps and sets. Over time you can gradually have a heavier weight and more sets. Never train the same muscle group 2 days in a row to allow yourself some rest and repair time.

Things to remember:

  • Start off slow your fitness will build up, don’t burn out straight away. Aim for 30-minute sessions and then build yourself up to more if wanted.
  • Always warm up 5 to 10 minutes is all you need and then always cool down, stretch your muscles as this will help with recovery.
  • Remember building a habit takes time.
  • Write down your goal and visualize what you want from starting an exercise routine.
  • Try new things, find the style that you enjoy.
  • Be prepared, buy new activewear and gym equipment to help be motivated
  • Monitor your progress - take photos, keep a diary or find an app.
  • You don’t have to exercise 5 days a week, make it suit your lifestyle and it will work more effectively.
  • Most importantly listen to your body and rest!

It may take some time to get started but once you have and you start seeing a difference you will feel great all over. Remembering that exercise always works best with healthy food, fuelling your body so you can see the overall effect inside and out. Stay positive and if you fall off the groove give it a few days and jump back on.


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